Living Abroad


5 Reasons To Live Abroad

It’s been 6 months since I landed back on American soil. A lot has happened in those 6 months. My taste buds have been reunited with American cuisine. I’ve been able to use a grown-up sized towel instead of one most of us are used to using in the kitchen, and I’ve been able to …

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Royal Treatment

On my flight back to the states I had a 3 hour layover in China. It wasn’t long enough to go out and explore the country at all and frankly, all I could think about was getting back to America. So, I found a comfy airport seat, pulled out my coloring books and went to …

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Homesick And Missing America

As the end of my contract approaches, I have been daydreaming about all of the things I look forward to upon my return to the states. I’ve been surprised by some of the things I’ve missed and entertained as I think about them. I thought you might get some enjoyment out of the randomness of …

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Run Waegook Run!

Last year on a whim, my community group and I decided to run the Color Run. I say run but you can hardly call what we did running. All 229 pounds of me showed up thinking I was actually going to be able to run some of it. I hadn’t run in forever and I …

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Alone In A Foreign Land

8 days ago I got word that one of the people I have grown to love so dearly while in Korea is leaving sooner than I expected. I knew the end of her contract was quickly approaching but she teased me by dangling the words “I might stay one more year,” in front of me …

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On Top Of The World (Mountain)

Me at the top of the mountain. The marker that shows the height of the peak, 423 meters. A few years ago, I went on a hiking trip with some random people I met to Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was the first time I had been hiking since I hiked Diamond Head in Hawaii with …

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Buh Ran Dee goes to the doctor

Two days after arriving in Korea I was sent to go get my health exam. Before getting the exam, I had to get my photo taken to go with the paperwork. The head teacher of my school sent me to a professional photo taking shop to get a single head shot for the paperwork. Only, …

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Crazy Things Korean Kids Say

It all started about 6 years ago. At the time, I was working at the county hospital in the Psychiatric Emergency Room. Working with psych patients you are bound to see crazy things and you will definitely hear crazy things. One day, I decided it wasn’t fair to keep the funny stories to myself so …

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lens of a camera

Life Through The Lens Of A Camera

As I was prepping my students for their test today, we reviewed the vocabulary words we recently learned. I told the kids they had to give me a new sentence; one they hadn’t used before. I asked one of my students to give me a sentence for the word America and this is what he …

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Take Me Out To The Ballpark… Buy Me Some Kimbap And Ddokboggie

Saturday morning I woke up, went and played tennis and anxiously awaited 5pm so I could go to my first baseball game in Korea. I was super stoked! Growing up, my mom and dad coached a softball team, my brother played baseball and all three of my sisters played softball in high school. Yes, I …

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