Crazy Things Korean Kids Say

It all started about 6 years ago. At the time, I was working at the county hospital in the Psychiatric Emergency Room. Working with psych patients you are bound to see crazy things and you will definitely hear crazy things. One day, I decided it wasn’t fair to keep the funny stories to myself so I started sharing the “Quote of the day” with my friends and family on FB. 
With the many crazy things I heard from my patients both medicated, and high on the latest street drug, it was easy to get a quote of the day. It was not so easy however, to choose which statement would qualify as the one thing I would share. The quote of the day was a hit and soon it became a trend many of my friends adopted.  
Working at the jail I got my fair share of marriage proposals and crazy quotes and although my friends and family were happy to see me move to Korea and embark upon this next chapter of life, I know deep down they miss the quote of the day. I have tried my best to post the silly things the kids have said but in case you have missed any of them, here is my top 10 for the first 6 months in Korea. 
Number 10… 
While pointing to the freckles on my face, “Teacher chocolate? Here teacher, tissue. No on face.”
Number 9…
Having no idea what my student was trying to say, these are the words that came from his mouth; 
“Teacher, bang bang bang, tick tick tick, woooooooooo, boom!”
After about 5 more minutes of Onomonopia, I finally realized he was trying to say earthquake. 
Number 8…
When asked what they know about America, 
“America gives guns to children.” 
“People boom boom and die.”
“People gun to building and people die and Obama angry.”
“Many, many terror.” 
Number 7…
While teaching “ing” endings, I acted out various verbs. The kids had to say she is running, jumping, singing, dancing, ect. I pretended to cry to elicit the word “crying” and the student responded saying “Teacher is sadding.”
Number 6…
While trying to get my students to identify the word “Firework” or “Firecracker,” instead I got firelight, light fire, play fire.
Number 5…
Trying to teach the letter “S” I asked my kindergartners to shout out words that started with the letter “S.” Searching the room to read anything they could recall, I heard “Snake, snail, Saturday, Shoe, Strawberry…” Then one of my five year olds yelled out “Teacher, teacher… Sexy lady.” I blame Psy for that one! 
Number 4…
Trying to elicit the word alien, I asked my kids “Who lives on mars?”

With the most eager excitement I have seen, one of my students raises her hand and screams “Teacher, teacher, the UFO monster!” 🙂

Number 3…
One of my students pointed to an old man’s arm hair in the picture and referred to it as “fur.” I explained it was hair on his arm so it was called arm hair. Curiosity got the best of me so I pointed to his mustache and asked what it was called. This is what I got; 
~ mouth hair
~ mouth up hair
~ nose under hair
~ middle mouth and nose hair
Number 2…
In one of my classes we are learning the months of the year. Today, I tested the students memory of the months. Here’s how it went…
Me: “Okay, who can tell me the first six months? Lily, how about you?”
Lily: “January, February, Monuary…”
Me: “Not quite, let’s try again, how about the middle months?”
Lily: “May, June, Juvember…”
Me: “Hmm, maybe we should focus on the last 6 months we learned, let’s try again.”
Lily: “Um… July, August, Sebuary.”
Gotta give her credit for trying so hard, and extra credit for making me smile so much!
Number 1…
Me: “Where are Yeon Jun and Dean?”

Student: “Yeon Jun is buying fried chicken and Dean is fighting.”
Me: “Fighting? Oh no! Did you tell Elle teacher.”
Student: “No, it’s okay teacher.”
Me: “No it’s not okay we need to tell someone.” 
Student: “No teacher, Dean no hand fighting, he is mouth fighting.”

Mouth fighting… Haven’t heard that one before!

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