Homesick And Missing America

As the end of my contract approaches, I have been daydreaming about all of the things I look forward to upon my return to the states. I’ve been surprised by some of the things I’ve missed and entertained as I think about them. I thought you might get some enjoyment out of the randomness of my thoughts so I decided to share.

Here is my top 10 list of the things I look forward to the most:

10. Barbeque sauce. Koreans have tried to master the art of fried chicken and some foreigners prefer the chicken here to what they are used to getting back home but nothing compares to how the southerners do fried chicken and I can’t wait to eat it with a heaping side of barbeque sauce that does not have the word “sour” anywhere on the label. 

9. Warm towels. Hanging clothes to dry is great for saving on your electric bill but I definitely prefer the clean feeling than the few extra dollars saved. I will gladly wash an entire load of towels just to dry them and wrap myself up in their warmth when I return.

8. Southern hospitality. The entire time I’ve been in Korea, I’ve been pushed and shoved out of the way, stared at funny for holding a door open and given dirty looks for smiling as a nice gesture as I walk by. I am so looking forward to the charm and kindness of my fellow southerners.  

7. Shopping!!! Fashion in Korea is super cute but with all the “You big size” comments and tags that say “One size fits all” that should read “Our size fits one American thigh,” I cannot wait to walk into a store and know that whatever I try on will actually fit me and look flattering. 
6. Fred Flintstone’s free bed. Although it may take my body some time to readjust to a bed that is not as flat as the ground we walk on, I am absolutely looking forward to sleeping in a bed with padding. 
5. Ordering food in English. Reading Hangul helps foreigners be able to pronounce what they are ordering correctly but just because you can pronounce it doesn’t mean you understand what you are ordering. I am so excited to be able to go to a restaurant and order food knowing I will not be randomly surprised as I stare down at a bowl of pig cheeks or pig skin (Yes, I’ve accidentally ordered both).
4. Sexual harassment. If you are a foreigner living in Korea, you are only considered beautiful if you are blonde and The Corpse Bride skinny. Don’t get me wrong, I know their standards of beauty are extreme and with the utmost humility I can genuinely say “I looks fly” BUT I definitely miss the occasional random pick up lines like “Girl are you a parking ticket cause you got FINE written all over you!” 
3. Taking a bath. I’ve never been a bath person, something about sitting in your own filth totally grosses me out but after a long stressful day, sometimes I would like the option of lighting a candle and listening to some Enya as I soak my troubles away in a bubble bath. 
2. Quality time. I love the advances we have made in modern technology over the years and I am grateful for FB, e-mail and skype. It has been wonderful to be able to stay in touch with everyone since I’ve been gone but nothing compares to being face to face with the people you love.

1. My crazy family!! Having Kasey visit me has been such a wonderful treat but it has also reminded me of how good I have it. I miss my family so much, I even miss having Brooke call me 15 times a day to leave messages yelling at me for not answering the phone the other 14 times she called. I can’t wait to get hugs from my family and slobbery kisses from my nieces and nephews. 

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  1. Haha, I’m glad you have some great things to look forward to when you get back! Hope you’re doing well! I’m guessing you’ve been super busy since I haven’t gotten any letters back lately. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you! Keeping you in my prayers!

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