Being Single

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The Day I Realized My Biological Clock Was Broken

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. Another year of my 30’s without the title of “mommy,” passes by as I sit here trying to come up with a word for what I am feeling. Society tells me I should feel sad. Society tells me I should yearn for the day children will lift their …

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breaking up

Breaking Up With Christianity

There have been two distinct times in my life when I’ve wanted to call it quits and break up with Christianity. The first was in my early 20’s and the second was last week. Both times I felt frustrated, overwhelmed, and sick of doing the right thing. Both times I wished I could go back …

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Tall, Dark, and Handsome

Tall, dark and handsome. If there was a way for women to create their perfect match, I bet the majority would throw these three adjectives in the mix. Women swoon over tall, dark and handsome celebrities, they visualize what the tall, dark and handsome fictional characters in their latest romance novel really looks like, and …

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What To Do When Your Family Is Pressuring You

Do you remember Bill Cosby’s show “Kids Say the Darndest Things”? Well, my niece Kylie might be one of the cutest little examples of the fun and crazy things children say. During her recent visit to Texas over Fourth of July weekend, we had a very interesting conversation. Kylie: “Auntie Bran Bran, how come you’re …

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3 Things Every Single Should Consider

The combination of Whirleyball, Italian food and deep conversation made for a very entertaining Saturday night with friends. As I filled my stomach with Patrizio’s and conversed with a male friend about gender roles, my mind began to wander. My friend referenced Genesis 3:16, and as I heard him say the words, “Your desire shall …

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Being Intentional And Dating With Purpose

Being a single Christian in today’s world continues to be increasingly difficult. It hurts my heart every time I hear one of my single friends say, “I’m enjoying being single right now.” If we’re not careful, those words can be decrypted to mean “I’m enjoying my life of selfishness.” Part of the reason many people …

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Physical Attraction

7 Things Your Biceps Can’t Do For Me

This weekend a girlfriend of mine asked, “Would you date a man if he had all the emotional qualities you are looking for but wasn’t your physical preference?” Without hesitation, I answered “Absolutely.” Yes, deep down every girl desires a man whose gene pool will produce beautiful children the rest of the world will “oooh” …

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Am I Not Pretty Enough

Friday night, I went to a coffee shop to watch my lovely friend Julie perform. She is a very talented singer, and every time she plays I jump at the chance to go listen to her sing. I’ve listened to her many times before, but this night she sang songs I have never heard before. In the …

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Valentine's Day

Beware Of Heart Devils!

While in Korea, I’ve had many random people approach me on the street. Women who touch my face and tell me “Oh, very beautiful,” men who are in awe of the foreigner standing in front of them and repeat the only English word they know over and over again, “Hello, hello, hello, hello,” as they …

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Is It Sinful To Be Unhappy And Single?

A couple days ago I was listening to a sermon my friend Jackie sent me. When I visited her and my sister in Kentucky, I went to church with her and the pastor had just started a message about the Christian Family. That particular day, he was speaking to the husbands in the room, but …

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