Living Abroad


Little Bit O’ Texas In Korea

Today was my first Saturday in Daejeon in a few weeks, I’ve traveled to Busan and biked through Gyeongju and next weekend I will head back to Seoul. I decided since I was going to be in Daejeon, I would take in some of the views the city has to offer.  Daejeon is home to …

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In The Eyes Of A Child

On a weekly basis, I get called Grandma teacher, fat, ugly and still get the occasional Korean curse word thrown my way. My new kids are far from angels. Lately, I feel like I spend most of my days yelling at the kids both in English, and sometimes in the little bit of Korean I …

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B Team Bikers

Bomun lake, the cherry blossoms were not in bloom but usually the trees behind me are covered in beautiful white flowers. A lot has been happening lately, I met some wonderful girls from Tokyo who visited our church for a visa run. We spent a Saturday afternoon volunteering together to serve at a home for …

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10 Years Old And Hating Life

My first week of school in Korea, I was introduced to two boys who quickly became my favorite class. They are Korean age 12, actually age 10 and they are the most intelligent children I have met. Kevin,studied in Canada and his English is great. He is super sarcastic and a lot of fun to …

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Just Hand Over The Medium And No One Gets Hurt!

Vocab test from one of my students 🙂 I have a confession… I absolutely hate working out. I hate sit ups, crunches, push ups, lifting weights and while sometimes I enjoy it, most days, I hate to run! It’s been super cold in Korea and I have used that as an excuse not to go …

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The Letter Writer

Preparing to leave for Korea, I was given two very special gifts that have been extremely important to my emotional well being. The first was a stack of letters my stepmother wrote for me. She took the time to sit down and thoughtfully pray through every letter she wrote. She spoke to the Lord and …

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Valentine's Day

Beware Of Heart Devils!

While in Korea, I’ve had many random people approach me on the street. Women who touch my face and tell me “Oh, very beautiful,” men who are in awe of the foreigner standing in front of them and repeat the only English word they know over and over again, “Hello, hello, hello, hello,” as they …

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They Call Me Lemonjello!

She was 18 years old. In jail for the first time and terror covered her face. As she tried to release words through the tears, she told me she was in jail for failure to identify. Most people I encountered with this charge were felons running from the law. This young girl was the furthest …

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Rule #1 No One Is Allowed To Die!

Today, I had a case of the Mondays. I woke up in a good mood but my precious Kindergartners were not so precious. They instantly pushed my buttons and my patience started to wear thin with all the extra whining, nose picking, and refusal to listen to instructions. With each class, the students continued to …

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All Things Grand

When I boarded the plane to embark upon my journey to Korea, the words “Consume me for your fire and use me for your hearts desire, to spread your word to every tribe and nation” resounded in my head. My heart was full and eager. I was ready to soar wherever the Lord wanted to take …

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