Living Abroad


Empty Love Tank

Shortly before I left, I had a conversation with a guy about long distance relationships. He told me how much he desires to hold hands and be affectionate with the person he is dating and emphasized how much he needs those things. I thought about my friends and family who are military spouses and how difficult it …

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No, I’m Not Russian and NO, I’m Not A prostitute!

A couple weeks ago, I was walking through Time World, an area of Dunsan-dong filled with high class name brands such as Louise Vuitton and Gucci and the very frequented, and oh so popular Korean dance clubs. As I roamed through Time World looking for a store where I could buy pants that could actually …

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korean massage

My First Korean Massage – Exposed and Violated

Right before my “winter break” one of my coworkers messaged me and told me about a Korean spa/bath house called a Jimjibang. She explained it was only around $15 to enter for the entire day. I got excited as I read her message to me, until I read the words “Be forewarned, everybody is naked.” …

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The “Perfect Church”

In the month of December Facebook asked us to click and let them show us a recap of 2012. If you were curious enough to indulge in seeing the summary of the last year of your life, you saw pictures of you and your friends, major events and Facebook even told you the number of …

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Let Me Sing, Ajumma!

This morning I woke up ready to experience Saturday morning bible study at the church I’ve been attending. Due to unpredictable public transportation, I was running late and as I got off the bus I literally ran to the church (I HATE being late!!). I made it there at 10:36, 6 minutes past the scheduled …

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The Kindness of a Stranger

The week of Christmas, I was informed I would be getting a short “winter break.” I worked December 28th, but would not have to return to work until January 4th. Had I known sooner, I would have hoped on a plane and spent the week in Japan, but that wasn’t really an option for me …

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I’m Tan In Korea!

Yep, it’s true, I’m tan in Korea! I remember one time while working at CPS, one of my coworkers was teaching her daughter how to say the colors in Spanish. I don’t know why, but we challenged her to tell us the color of our skin. My coworker who’s actually Hispanic, but gets mistaken for …

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The Foreigner “Nod And Smile”

This morning I woke up with one thing on my mind, explore, explore, explore. I’m not sure if it has been all the “love bugs” I’ve been getting from the kids at school, or if my body was just in total shock going from 80 degrees in Dallas to 8 degrees in Korea, but I …

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Life In Korea So Far

Okay, I feel like I’ve been writing a lot lately so I was trying to spare you and wait to write another blog, but the demand and questions from my friends and family has made me realize you guys are eager for more. So here it is.  I am no longer living in the “sexy …

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Brandy Teacher, I love You!

My time in Korea has brought so much joy to my life already. It’s amazing how much peace and calmness God brings when you are obedient to His calling. I expected to experience sadness, anxiety, and worry this first week, but as much as I love and miss you guys, there hasn’t been an ounce …

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