3 Things Every Single Should Consider

The combination of Whirleyball, Italian food and deep conversation made for a very entertaining Saturday night with friends. As I filled my stomach with Patrizio’s and conversed with a male friend about gender roles, my mind began to wander.

My friend referenced Genesis 3:16, and as I heard him say the words, “Your desire shall be for your husband,” my unfocused brain thought: There are so many singles here tonight; why aren’t any of them dating?

That question pops into my mind quite often. The more social gatherings I attend, the more I wonder how we as singles aren’t connecting. Are we too picky? Are we content in our singleness? Are we living selfish lives that are keeping us single longer?

We could ask many questions in an attempt to answer why we aren’t connecting, but I think the answer is quite simple: Men aren’t asking women out, and women aren’t saying yes when they are asked out.

Friendships are happening, groups are gathering, but connections aren’t being made. We’ve made dating far too complicated. The fear of rejection keeps some from pursuing, and the search for perfection keeps others from seeing the potential of those already in their lives. We are reaching outside of our own churches to date when there are plenty of singles all around us, and the excuse of not wanting to “ruin the friendship” is prolonging seasons of singleness.

Let’s set those things aside and look at the benefits of the simplicity of asking and responding.

This is an article I wrote for Single Matter’s Magazine, to view the entire article, follow this link – 3 Things Every Single Should Consider

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