The secret is out… I’m writing a book!

Naked Friday’s at the psych ER, marriage proposals from the criminally insane, or chocolate chunk cupcakes made from poop served directly to me; my life has been full of interesting stories to tell. Over the years you all have made it very clear you hoped I would one day write a book showcasing the stories of the people I’ve worked with.
I may one day take you up on that challenge, however, I’m sad to report, that isn’t what this book is about.  
Some of you many know that prior to leaving for Korea, there was a man who had my heart. He made me laugh, I enjoyed his company and no matter how many stupid things he did, my heart always smiled at the thought of him. What you may not know is that despite our many dinner’s, meet up’s over coffee, daily text and phone calls, and intimate conversations about the Lord, we never had the title of being “In a relationship.” 
I avoided going to Korea, hoping our friendship would progress into a relationship and after hearing the words “You’re everything I want in a wife, but it’s just not you,” I boarded the plane heart broken and confused. Through the process of healing, I sought the answer to the question “How do I guard my heart.” I googled that phrase, desperate to find out how to keep myself from hurting so much the next time. 
In an attempt to find answers, I reached out to several of my girlfriends asking what they thought it meant to “Guard your heart,” and not one of them had the same answer. It’s at that point, that I realized there were probably many other single women out there, who like me, had no clue how to protect themselves in their relationships, dating or otherwise. 
As my heart began to heal, the Lord opened my eyes to all the things I needed to take responsibility for. He showed me what I did wrong and the things I could have done differently. Over the last 10 months, I have carefully observed the dating habits of my single friends only to find that many of them continue to participate in the same behaviors I did that lead to such devastation. I hope by writing this book, it will educate the single community on the lessons the Lord has taught me in an effort to help them understand how to date in a healthier way. 
I hope you will read the book and spread the news to your friends and family who you think may be interested in reading it as well. Thank you for your continued support! 

3 thoughts on “The secret is out… I’m writing a book!

  1. Brandy, thank you for allowing God to use you to be the voice for many of us single girls. You are such an amazing young lady. I look forward to reading the book and will pray for your continued sucess with your gift of writing.

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