1 Year Sober

5 months ago I went through the process of being matched with girls who would be in community with me. I met so many amazing girls through the process. I met girls who were solid in their faith, I met baby Christians who were hungry for the word and who’s passion inspired me and I met 4 amazingly beautiful girls who would soon be part of the community group God chose me to lead.
Throughout that entire process, I prayed heavily for the girls who would be in my group. I had no idea who God would choose but I knew He had a plan, He always has a plan! I prayed the Lord would soften my heart to whatever struggles they had. I prayed He would equip me with compassion, love, empathy, insight, and wisdom to help them through their struggles. I prayed that with all the flaws written all over me, they would see through the flaws and trust I was serving our creator and I would lead them well. I prayed God would remove my insecurities and self doubt and replace it with confidence in knowing that He equipped me to lead them well. I prayed the Lord would move, that He would speak to us and we would hear Him and He would change our hearts.
As I got the news of who would be in my group I was so excited but also overwhelmed. Through the process of sharing life maps, these girls revealed struggles I had never dealt with and I doubted my ability to empathize and encourage them through what they were going through. God quickly minimized my fears and doubt as I got to know these girls. The relationships I began to form with them completely opened my eyes and changed my heart. During one of our times of sharing, my friend who is celebrating 1 year of sobriety today, shared these words… “Some days after I get home from work, I would love to have a glass of wine, just one glass… But I know I can’t have just one glass.” Those words resonated with me so much that night. In the midst of my struggle with food God used her words to help me realize I had an addiction, a dependence on something I could not control and He completely broke me. Her words stirred inside my heart that night and still ring in my head today.
You see, all the time I was praying about how I was going to impact these girls and shine light into their lives, I completely forgot about how God would be using them to shine light into mine. I am so blessed to be allowed to be part of their lives and part of their story and I am so thankful for the encouragement, accountability and truth they have spoken and continue to speak into my life.
S, I am so incredibly proud of you, your dedication and drive are such an inspiration. Your journey has helped give me the confidence that I can fight my addiction as well.
M, your love and compassion for others brings joy to my life. I love how big your heart is!
J, the insight and wisdom you bring to every conversation we have inspires me. I love the boldness you have when you speak truth into my life.
B, you have been my rock! You have encouraged me and held me accountable even when I didn’t want it and you’ve done it in such a loving way.
I am so blessed by all of you! I love you girls!

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